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Oct 27, 2012 7:00am PDT
. >> an arrest made in connection with a fire at the law offices of the vallejo mayor >> and the training exercise drawing people from around the world to right here. >> the news starts right now. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. welcome to mornings on two. it's saturday october 27th. >> let's check in with rosemary for a quick look at what to expect. >> yes. good morning. its going to be a pleasant day. we are still waiting for the break of dawn but mostly clear skies. it's a cool saturday in some cases but not as much as yesterday. mostly sunny, mild to warm, on the flip side more wet weather on the way. it could come in time for halloween. >> following developing news out of san francisco right now. a woman is badly injured after a shooting and a car crash. >> reporter: it happened just before four this morning in city's western edition neighborhood. according to a detective a 30- year-old woman who was driving this car, you see flipped over -- that's now in the process of getting towed. she was shot four times and while on the way to the hospital she said she had
Nov 3, 2012 7:00am PDT
. you don't oakland officials want to toughen laws and they will go after the parents of underage vandals. >>> we're on the way to a nice weekend. i'll have what you can expect for your area coming up. >>> the city of oak lapped is considering a plan to strengthen graffiti laws to help businesses that are repeatedly target by taggers. a proposal and city attorney would make graffiti vandalism a misdemeanor rear than an infraction and make parents of underage graffiti vandals liable for damages. >>> the city of san mateo may put restrictions on noisy leaf blowers. they're considering three options, ban them all together, ban them louder than 65 december bells or boost enforcement of the current rule that bans them on sundays and holidays and man dates low speed use only. the change cost the city to 150 to $200,000 a year. >>> let's head over to rosemary. we have a gorgeous weekend. but the iran you tacked about makes me nervous. >>> it is that time of year and we do welcome the rain, especially after the dry winter last year. we should be able to enjoy this sunshine without any gui
Oct 28, 2012 7:00am PDT
attack. it is part of the resort island in san diego. hundreds of military, law enforcement and medical personnel will have this as part of their emergency response training. >>> this is a multi agency exercise held at various east bay like cases. every year dozens of firsters hold this for hostage situations and large scale natural disaster. >> 22 different s.w.a.t. teams from all the over the world are taking part. >>> many people were out showing off the costumes in the district. we found plenty of halloween spirit. one man toll us it took an hour to get dressed and an hour more to get the make up done and he missed the largest castro parties from years passed. >> they have definitely dwindled down to what they used to be. >> i missed big days of halloween. >> there are not cities sanctioned since nine people were injured during a shooting back in 2,000 sick. they intend to keep the peace this year and they are making their presence known. >> weather is good and lots of weather and hurricane sandy and how the tsunami advisory and watch we had this morning. rosemary has an update for
Oct 31, 2012 7:00am PDT
businesses following allegations of prostitution activity. the city passed a law in may including all be certified with the therapy council. two former students are seeking $30 million in damages over an alleged sex abuse scandal. the contra costa times reports two women have filed claims and three former administrators. they say they were molested as children by daniel witter's back in the 1990s. they accuse administrators of not acting despite previous complaints alleging they were also sexually abused by witters. >>> meantime, the trial starts today for a san jose elementary school principal accused of not reporting a case of sexual abuse by a teacher. ob principal -- the prosecutors say the principal was mandated to call the police after a child reported questionable behavior by a teacher, chandler. and then three days later, chandler was arrested after another child reported an incident of molestation. >>> the quality of san francisco streets could improve. the most recent improve on street quality shows roads get a store of 64 out of a possible 100. that puts them in the fair categ
Nov 1, 2012 7:00am PDT
area alerts were issued last winter. >>> new law takes effect in san leandro today prohibiting restaurants using styrofoam. it can't be recycled. it often pollutes waterways. >> there is new information this morning about a sexual competition involving athletes at at piedmont. students say reports of the league where athletes earn points for sexual activity may have been exagg era ted. >>> there has been a break-in the case of a woman whose body was found in a trash can. police say a man and president victim, were in a relationship. her body was found in a trash can alongside dublin canyon road. police say she was reported missing in june. >> authorities are searching for four suspects, they used hammers to steal jewelry from a store. it happened on industrial road. police say they threatened employees with pepper spray before pulling out the sledgehammers to smash glass cases. they want your help in identitying the suspects who were wearing giants masks during the robbery. >>> drivers, bikers, hikers, you won't be able to use the road in a popular park because animals need to
Oct 30, 2012 7:00am PDT
constitutionality, that's the federal law that defines marriages as between only a man -- only a man anded a would. -- a man and a woman. >>> san francisco's gay, lesbian, bisexual transgender says denations are rolling in to help replace two large windows. about 4:45 yesterday morning somebody threw gas bottles through the museum windows. the displays were not damaged. nothing was taken. it's not known if the damage was related to the vandalism that followed the giants' world series win. it is the only glbt history museum in the u.s. >>> the state officials said no, they rejected a plan to split $30 million in redevelopment money between the 49ers and schools in the south bay. the department of finance says the agreement was not in place before a 2011 law that eliminated redevelopment agencies. next month school and government officials plan to challenge that ruling. the 49ers say the outcome will not affect construction of the new stadium in santa clara. >>> 8:19. cleaning up the streets of san jose. how a big vote today could affect the city's homeless population. >>> look outside
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6